New Mixtape

Here's the full Wave Crusher mixtape from Spoek and his collaborator American rapper Shamon Cassette.

Free download here.

Wave Crusher

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Park Acoustics - Pretoria, South Africa

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Bazaar Festival - Antwerp, Belgium

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Bushfire - Swaziland, South Africa

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Castle Light Show - Gauteng, South Africa

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Sonar Festival - Barcelona, Spain

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Oppikoppi - Gauteng, South Africa

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At the vanguard of a new wave of young African artists, producer/ singer/rapper Spoek Mathambo - defined and refined by his unique take on music - is bringing an original and futuristic sound to a global following.

For 2014, Spoek Mathambo presents Fantasma

Fantasma is a band comprised of a diverse set of South African musicians from varying cities and backgrounds, fusing their respective signature sounds to create something entirely fresh and greater than the sum of its parts. Formed at the end of 2013, the Fantasma foursome is made up of multifarious Afro-futurist artist Spoek Mathambo, talented traditional Zulu instrumentalist Bhekisenzo Cele, forefather of Bacardi House sound DJ/producer DJ Spoko and psychedelic rock guitarist Andre Geldenhuys. Currently recording their debut album as well as preparing for their 2014 live shows.

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